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Do not be a hard-worker, but be a smart worker

A guy advised me to do not burn myself at works. Then, I realized and I thought that somehow he is correct. Smart worker is better than the hard worker, because if a smart guy can finished a project within a day, while the hard-worker guy can finished a project within a week, I think, the smart guy has an advantage to be successful with his/her career.

Being a smart guy can obtain at school, experience, people around you, and of course “hard works”. So imp., to be a smart, you have to work hard to be smart, study, ask people and learn from your experience. I know I’m not that smart, but I wanna learn more and I’m working hard to smart. That’s why I keep myself to busy in learning.

I have the formula to be a smart, what I’m going to do is to follow it and be a smart guy.