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You’re sitting at home clicking around on Facebook and you the updates of other people who are all doing something more fun and interesting then you are. Their pictures shows happy smiling faces in beautiful, serene locations.  Some may think “Wow, they live amazing lives.”  Young kids and teens may forget that,  for the most part, these are highlights of their lives, not the norm.  A lot of the time you might not know the person well, and think of  how great their life is, yet kids might not realize that they do have problems (everyone does) but they choose not to show, or talk about them, some seem to have the opposite problem where they share every issue on Facebook while their friends watch they play out. Facebook drama can be quite entertaining.   Obviously people are going to do this but for others who may not have as much going on in their lives may develop a type of Facebook Depression.

A video and article on msnbc.com talk about how kids perceive others and how it can immediately change their mood.  About 75% of teens use Facebook and some admitted to logging on as many as ten times a day.  Social networking sites like Facebook can also lead to the spreading of gossip and rumors.  The internet is permanent, and once something gets out there it’s hard to retract, so the cyber bulling can stay with a person.

Parents need to be more careful about what their kids are looking at on the internet.  It can be a fun, intellectual forum…but most of the time it’s a dark, scary, and insane place where anything is possible.