Downloading a document only to find that you do not have the application to open it can be frustrating. Thankfully however there are numerous web apps that help you out of this predicament. We have gathered 50 such online tools that help you convert not only digital documents but also images and various other media files. Read on to find the tools and see which ones suit your needs best.

online coverters

Audio/Video Converters

  1. KeepVid: KeepVid is an useful online utility which helps users download videos from different online streaming websites.
  2. CellSea: CellSea is another useful converter which can help users download, convert, crop and resize videos from different streaming websites.
  3. VideoDownloadX: With VideoDownloadX, users can convert and download videos from YouTube.
  4. GetYourVideo: With GetYourVideo, users can download videos from different online video streaming websites including DailyMotion, YouTube, Metacafe and many more.
  5. SaveVideos: With SaveVideos, users can download videos from different video sharing websites in multiple formats including mp3, mp4 and flv.
  6. SaveVid: is a tool which gives you the ability to download videos from streaming video sites including Youtube, Google Videos, Metacafe, Spike and more in FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG or WMV formats.
  7. Media Converter: Media Converter is one of the best online conversion utility which can be used to convert media files from different online streaming websites.
  8. SaveYouTube: SaveYouTube is a simple, online utility to download different YouTube videos.
  9. GetVideoMp3: GetVideoMp3 is a useful online utility which can be used to convert YouTube videos into Mp3 and download them to your PC.
  10. ConvertDirect: With ConvertDirect, users can easily convert FLV videos into AVI, Mp3, 3GP, MP4 and many other formats.
  11. VidtoMp3: VidToMp3 allows users to download different online videos in MP3 format so they can be stored on different portable devices.
  12. 2Convert: 2Convert is an excellent online music converter which can help users convert online videos into formats supported by different media players like iPod, PSP and many others.
  13. BenderConvert: With BenderConvert, you can convert video and audio files uploaded from your computer. Users can even convert videos from YouTube into multiple formats.
  14. MovAvi: Movavi Online is a free online web service that lets you download videos from video-sharing sites and save them to your iPhone, iPod, cellphone, and popular video formats
  15. All2Convert: All2Convert is another online utility which can help users convert online videos into different file formats.

Document Converters

  1. DocsPal: DocsPal is a useful online utility which can be used to convert documents, video, audio, images, e-books and archives.
  2. CreatePDF: CreatePDF is an excellent service provided by Adobe which can help you create PDF files easily.
  3. Docx2Doc: Docx2Doc supports almost all the popular documents formats including docx, doc, PDF and many others.
  4. PDF2JPG: PDf2Jpg is the easiest way to convert PDF files into image files.
  5. Neevia Technology: Neevia Technology helps users upload document files from their computer and convert them into other formats like JPG,PNG and many more.
  6. CometDocs: CometDocs is an excellent online document conversion tool which enable users convert documents files easily.
  7. Doc-PDF: Doc-Pdf converter is a tool which helps convert Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents without installing any third party applications.
  8. Book Smith: With Book Smith users can easily convert web pages into PDF files.
  9. PDF-O-Matic: PDF-O-Matic, users can convert any web page or blog post into PDF files in just few clicks.
  10. PDF Converter: With PDF Converter, users can easily convert PDF into other formats like jpg, docs and many others.
  11. PDF Online: With PDF Online users can easily convert word and other formats into PDF and vice versa.
  12. PrimoPDF: PrimoPDF is a useful online tool which can be used to convert any type of file including documents, images and other type of files.
  13. InvestinTech Doc Converter: With InvestinTech Doc Converter, users can easily convert .docx files to .doc format in few simple clicks.
  14. Doc2PDF: A simple online tool which helps users convert Microsoft Word documents into PDF files.
  15. Text Fixer: With Text Fixer, users can easily convert contents of a doc or docx file and convert the word text into HTML code.

Image Converters

  1. Free Online Images Converter: With Free Online Images Converter, users can convert over 100 image formats including MP, DIP, JPG, EPS, PCX, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG, TGA and many more.
  2. Swift Converter: Swift Converter is a useful online tool which helps users convert images into variety of formats.
  3. Image Converter: With Image Converter, users can convert images into different formats including BMP, JPEG, PNG and many others.
  4. ConvertHub: ConvertHub let users convert different photos, images, drawings and much more into different image formats.
  5. Iaza: This is one of my favorite online image convert which helps users convert and add effects to photos online. It has almost all the features you would find in a good photo editing software.
  6. Image Espresso: With Image Espresso, users can convert, resize, crop, rotate, touch-up or apply effects on images.
  7. ImageUtils: With ImageUtils, users can resize different image formats in few simple clicks.
  8. Image Optimizer: Image Optimizer is an online useful tool which helps users optimize and compress images.
  9. DynamicDrive Image Optimizer: With DynamicDrive Image Optimizer, users can compress and convert photos into different image formats.
  10. ImageToVideo: This handy service helps users convert different images into video.
  11. ConvertMyImage: With ConvertMyImage, users can convert between various image formats.
  12. ConvertiCo: ConvertIco is a free online tool which helps users convert different PNG files into icon files without installing any software.
  13. Vector Magic: With Vector Magic, users can easily convert bitmap images into clean vector arts.
  14. ConvertIcon: With ConvertIcon, users can import ICO, PNG, GIF, and JPEG formats and export to high-quality PNG or ICO files.

Multi-Purpose Converters

  1. YouConvertIt: With YouConvertIt, users can easily convert different document and media files without installing any software.
  2. Zamzar: Zamzar is an excellent online multipurpose converter which can convert different documents, audio and video files.
  3. ConvertFiles: With ConvertFiles, users can convert almost any type of file in few simple clicks.
  4. Go2Convert: Go2Convert helps users convert different documents, images and media files easily.
  5. CoolUtils: CoolUtils is another excellent online conversion tools which enable users convert images, documents and many other formats in seconds.
  6. Free File Converter: With Free File Converter, users can convert multiple file formats including image, document, audio and many others.

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