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From time to time, we have been keep on discussing having a website or blog of our own to start making constant money from Internet. Today post will remain mostly focused around where to start a blog i.e. how one can star a blog site from scratch. We must know how to start a blog that can really help us make consistent revenue from our efforts on the Internet. So people, who are new to blogging, can use today articles as a guide for creating a successful blog from scratch. The main idea behind today’s post is not to motivate people towards blogging; it’s more towards helping them start their first blog from scratch. I’m aiming at answering the following questions that are having the same solution in today’s post:

  • How to Start a Blog from Scratch?
  • How to set up a Blog?
  • How to Start your First Self Hosted WordPress Blog

how to start a blog Where to Start a Blog: How to Start a Blog Site From Scratch?

1. Choosing a Niche for Your First Blog

blog niche Where to Start a Blog: How to Start a Blog Site From Scratch?First thing that you need to decide is choosing a niche for your blog. You need to do some research work making the list of keywords and topics you will be covering on your first blog. You must have clear vision about why you are creating this blog. You must have an idea about how your will be driving traffic to your blog and how you will be making money from your blog. You should have clear idea about the top competing websites in that niche and how you will be able to differentiate yourself from them. You can use keyword research tool from Google available here to find targeted keywords and topics for your blog. So you need to spend some time in planning niche for your blog, keywords lists, competing websites, how you will be bringing traffic to your website and how you will be making money online from your first niche blog.

2. Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog

domain name Where to Start a Blog: How to Start a Blog Site From Scratch?Next thing you have to do is choose a domain name for your first blog. You should choose a domain name matching your blog niche. And if you are aiming at creating your first blog around a specific keyword, see if you are able to get that keyword as your domain name. If you are able to get domain name around your main keyword, chances of your blog ranking high for that and related keywords will be quite high. If you are not able to get a domain name matching your main keyword, you should look for best alternatives related to your blog niche. Generally we can register any domain name under $10, which is not a big money at all. You should make a list of domain names you can use for your blog and then go for the best one. You should spend some time in choosing a good domain name as if you don’t like it, you will not get motivation much to work on your blog first blog and you cannot change your domain name later. So you should try finding a good domain name that you are really interested for your first niche blog website.

I would recommend you register domain name for your blog though Godaddy.com website.

3. Choose a World Class Web Hosting Company

Now it’s time to choose a best web hosting company and within your budget. There are lots of good as well as bad web hosting companies available on Internet. You need to make the selection of a good web hosting company. If you end up going for a bad-hosting company, you may see lots of problems like downtime; slow loading speed and lots of other technical issues. All these things could make your website losing important search engine rankings and business. You need to choose a web hosting company, which fulfills all your need, which is within your budget, web hosting company with lots of positive reviews, feedbacks, ratings and comments etc.

Hostgator Where to Start a Blog: How to Start a Blog Site From Scratch?I had done lots of research work while choosing web-hosting company for my own blogs. So let me help you choose a world-class web hosting company for your blog. I would recommend using Hostgator web hosting services. You should go for their Hatchling Plan, which will cost you $83.40 for one year hosting. And with discount coupon bloggerspassion25 (25% off on your First billing cycle) you can get it for $62.55 only (Save $20.85). So you will be paying only $5 type every month only to enjoy best hosting services for your blog. You can bring this cost down to even than $4 per month if you decide to buy hosting for longer period of time (3 years type).

4. Choose a Blogging Platform

wordpress Where to Start a Blog: How to Start a Blog Site From Scratch?Now you need to make decision on the blogging platform you will be using for your blog. There are lots of free blogging platforms available like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc. I would recommend you going for WordPress blogging platform. It does not take much time in installing WordPress on a new website. And if you are using Hostgator web hosting services, it’s a just a one click process. For WordPress blogs, lots of free themes, plugins and widgets are available for free. Initially we should look at free ways to give a professional look to our blogs. Once we start getting some traffic and cash from our blog, we can go for premium WordPress themes.

I have been using WordPress platform for creating my blogs for years and I’m really happy about my decision of going with WordPress.

5. Start Putting Up Content on Your Blog

content publishing Where to Start a Blog: How to Start a Blog Site From Scratch?Once your have installed WordPress for your first blog, it’s time to start writing high quality and unique posts for your blog. You should produce lots of well-researched and comprehensive contents for your blog. You should 2-3 posts every week on your blog at least. And if you could produce more, that will be more beneficial. You should write quality posts your blog readers are most interested in. When you keep on adding high quality posts on your blog, you will start seeing improvement in traffic on your website. And if you want to see lots of traffic coming on your blog, I would recommend checking my post 20 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Website.

6. Making Money Online from Your Blog

make money online websites Where to Start a Blog: How to Start a Blog Site From Scratch?By this time, I’m hoping you have development decent amount of traffic on your blog from search engines. Now it’s time to look at maximum ways to make money online from your blog. You can use Google Adsense one of the most popular monetization method used by website and blog owners. Apart from this, you can go for selling banner ad space on your blog. Since you have a blog around specific niche, do some research work to find out some products related to your blog niche on affiliate websites like Amazon, Clickbank, LinkShare etc. You can earn commission from 5% to %70 or even more while working as an affiliate with these websites. There are lots of other ways you can actually use to monetize your high traffic blog. Here my list of Top 10 ways to make money from blogs.

So now you have clear idea about how to start a blog from scratch. If I see how much you will be actually spending for your self-hosted WordPress blog will be $73 type only. This is a very small amount if you analyze the earning potential of your blog correctly. You can make from few hundreds to thousands or even millions of dollars from your single blog.

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