1) A Psychology report.. When 2 couples come face to face???
WIVES look at each other’s sarees and HUSBANDS look at each other’s wife!!..

2) Gal 2 her brother: Wat r u gng to gift grandma on her bday?
Boy: Football
Gal: But grandma doesnt play football?
Boy: On my bday she gav me books…

3) UKG Kid: Dad can v go to McDonald today.
Dad: ya but only when u spell McDonald correctly.
Kid thought for a moment & said, k forget it dad let’s go to KFC

4 ) Teacher to kid: Write a note on Srilanka.
Kid wrote: Its a country whose map cums free along with d India map.

5) In a bar 1 guy says to another
"I luv ur mom n want to marry"
D whole bar was waiting for d other guy’s response
He laughs & says
"Lets go home dad, U r tight!!"

And the best one..

6) A drunk guy falls from 1st floor.
People gathered around n asked him wat happend?
He said… "I dont knw, I also came down Just now..!!"