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Most of us would have annoyed with Instagram “Rate Limit Exceeded” Error for past few days, after going through a list of sites, i have listed out some possible reasons,

Instagram Rate limit

Usually a message about rate limits means that you are making too many requests to the Instagram application.

A request might be anything such as posting a photo, a comment, Follow, or marking something as a favorite.

Rate limiting is generally meant to prevent automated systems from posting a bunch of spam, or trying to overwhelm their servers.

May be some restrictions have brought  into Instagram API regarding the number of hits per hour.

On going through some set of forums/posts, there are posts stating the limit rate is

 it’s 60 follows per hour , and 150 likes or something

and some forums states

its 5000 hits per hour.

the above quoting are estimated through their analysis,  also the reasons for this error are not documented or marked in  Instagram Support site.

I will keep updating the post once there are more updates.

Update 1:

I tried to count my likes until i hit “Rate Limit Exceeded” Error, It came around 100 – 150 Photos, and i waited for 5 mins and tried to like again then the error goes off until i reach some 50 to 60 pics, from the analysis i suppose Instagram is permitting to like 100 – 200 photos Per Hour.. and for Follows its 60 – 100…

Update 2:

on android devices the error doesn’t pops up, instead it roll back the likes or follows which happens after Limit Exceeds..

Update 3:

if you are logged out, and after when you try to login if you get “Rate Limit Exceeded” Error, then you may try to reset your password from the forget password button, or try re installing the app or write to instagram here: http://help.instagram.com/ 

This link will tell you resetting your instagram password,

Update 4:

See below comments section regarding more info posted by users;

Update 5:

For those who are getting this error while log in,

Revoke access of third party apps which you have allowed by logging into Instagram Site and by clicking on to Manage Applications Tab,


Update 6:

One of a reader, Essa Alfan has shared a fix for the above problem, Thank you very much Essa for sharing the fix,  I have shared it here from the comment section,

This worked for me, hope it works for u guys.
Enable wifi > connect to any wifi > sign on instagram > disable wifi and don’t log out anymore.
dreaded rate limit
(using different MAC address)


Note: I have provided the solution only based on the experience/steps of other users/developers managed to get the error off. if still you’re facing the error better write it to http://help.instagram.com/ 

I’m @imranakbarin on Instagram, consider stepping by and saying hello on Instagram!